How we’re climate-friendly

At Gaon Originals, we promote the creations of our villagers and make them go global with our platform. The difference is, with each creation, you're taking part in a movement that's taking a part out of climate change. Talk about eco friendly authentic cultural products! Our goal is to bring you the finest Indian authentic crafts, cultures and creations that demonstrates a CLIMATE-FRIENDLY consumer system never been adopted so far.

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At Gaon Originals, we want to play our part in preserving the vast, wonderful planet we call home. As we looked around, it became clear that using the power of authentic cultivation is the most impactful way for us to tackle climate change!



Glad you asked! We are deeply committed to being climate-friendly at every level and are proud to be a carbon neutral Organization.

That means we consider everything: the ingredients, the packaging, and even how our creations are made. We're as obsessed with taking care of our home planet as you are, fellow Earthlings, and our life's purpose is to prove that we can live healthy by consuming authentic village creations.

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There is no silver bullet to solving the climate crisis, but we know two things to be true. First, food & textile production takes an environmental toll. Second, we must reduce global net CO2 to zero and also draw down carbon this decade for us to ensure a safe, stable temperature. Every decision we make, every day, matters. We believe that with immediate action, we can create longstanding and necessary sustainable change.

  • Gaon Originals

    We thoughtfully source ingredients packed from climate-friendly farmers & artisans. These planet lovers practice regenerative agriculture & production, which captures carbon, enriches soil and use of natural hand made production (aka create sustainable organic products)!

  • Gaon Originals

    We source ingredients that are as close to the farmer as we can get. Since we forge direct connections with farmers and local artisans, we know exactly where and how our creations are made--which includes its climatefriendliness and human impact.

  • Gaon Originals

    Most brands utilizes suppliers for their ingredients, making it difficult to trace their sourcing and impact. At Gaon Originals, we're proud to set a new precedent!

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Regenerative agriculture practices stem from the wisdom of working together with nature as Indigenous Peoples have for millennia. At scale, these practices help tackle climate change by storing carbon in the soil. This carbon helps to renews the soil's organic matter while keeping it out of our atmosphere.

There are also countless environmental and ecological benefits to this practice, including topsoil renewal. In regenerative farms, you will find more biodiversity, healthier waterways, and sturdier, more nutrient-dense crops. By sourcing our ingredients from farms that practice these methods, we are investing in farmers that are building a better food system!

Healthy topsoil grows healthy food and helps create a healthy planet. Unfortunately, 70% of the world's available topsoil has been eroded. Gaon Originals is committed to supporting new topsoil creation, which is why our visionary farmers have built soil health right into their cultivation methods. Those are the regenerative agriculture practices we keep mentioning. These practices, like cover cropping, reducing tillage, and rotating crops, require strong knowledge of how to cultivate a healthy ecosystem in a particular location and stem from indigenous peoples' deep understanding of place and species interdependence.


We know that it's not just how our ingredients are grown that matters, but also what they're treated with as they grow. That's why we've selected only the best certified organic practices for our products.


To extract most of the practiced resources and to support root designers of the products, we apply the theory of working groups. We ask the villagers to work in groups of fifteen to twenty people. The idea is to let each one of them shine individually. In small groups, it is easy to incorporate and know each one of your other group members distinctively.

After there is a cluster of such self-help groups and farmer interest groups, we scheme a farmer producer company or beneficiary. The beneficiary is the block that is in the connection of farmers directly. The beneficiaries collect the handicrafts and submit them to us, from there onwards it is our responsibility to brand and promote the products on the online platform. ...