The underlying beauty of simplicity, sagacity, and warmth of serene soil attracts me towards the earth I belong to the village I belong to. The creations resting inside the heart of villages are untouched and remain unheard of. Coming up with the idea of GAON ORIGINALS was a longawaited project which was processing in our heads but needed a mainstream source to put it into a platform in reality. Suvidha made their purpose the distinctive goal for coming years and is ready to present a platform to support and uplift village creations.


We are intent to bring deserving recognition and reputation to the work of villagers. We value their unceasing efforts to keep their culture and crafts alive in this world of sheer plastic behaviors and natures. With our aid, they can get the uncut worth of the items they sell. Promoting the crafts worldwide with the help of our website, branding the products to reach maximum households. We believe in making the potentials reach the demanded zenith.


Our hopes are the reverie destined by efforts and true values. We are trying to bring Indian crafts and cultures into the mainstream of technology and the internet. In this era where the internet rules over almost everything, the villagers still stand uninterested in the highlights of the internet. And that's when Suvidha comes into the role, we take their products to the virtual market. The essential caliber of making handmade sarees or making the tea leaves or any such product is present in the soul of the villagers, but they lack in providing it a brand or promotion and we are helping in it. We see these products reaching every corner of the world soon.

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The journey of a product reaching our screens via the GAON ORIGINALS website is supposedly not that easy. It's an expedition, a drive through the cultures, from valued creations to a branded production. To extract most of the practiced resources and to support root designers of the products, we apply the theory of working groups. We ask the villagers to work in groups of fifteen to twenty people. The idea is to let each one of them shine individually. In small groups, it is easy to incorporate and know each one of your other group members distinctively.
After there is a cluster of such self-help groups and farmer interest groups, we scheme a farmer producer company or beneficiary. The beneficiary is the block that is in the connection of farmers directly. The beneficiaries collect the handicrafts and submit them to us, from there onwards it is our responsibility to brand and promote the products on the online platform. The beneficiaries are fully ordered and working bodies, with the exact knowledge of the village and the people. It acts as a bridge between the website and the villagers, compacting the communication differences and maintaining a transparent working scheme for both ends.

We at GAON ORIGINALS are rendering the products in front of the whole world, delineating our culture and proud productions. We are settling a platform for villagers to showcase their talent and to earn the coveted amount of respect and money for their work.
Once the product is sold we send all of the reimbursements back to the beneficiaries and from there the farmers receive the rewards for their creations. They earn the deserving money. It is a basic chain procedure that upholds the whole system. We are trying to speak up for the villagers. We are empowering the creations, we are uplifting the arts and the artists. It is our dream to validate Indian talents and bring them forward to represent their village, their state, and their country in front of the whole world.